Perspective on a visit to the Cedars land.

I just came back from visiting Lebanon.

Year after year i discover how i have changed and how Lebanon changes, I was lucky to leave but I never expected Lebanon to become a country so full of hate, of fear, of anger, of worries like it has become!

Lebanon is dangerously on the edge due to the Syrian crisis. The blood, killing, hate and merciless war of Syria is stretching to my home country. It feels like a black cloud of evil is covering the region.

The worst part of the trip was to see how much fear is in the people, rumors around the streets of a car bomb here or a potential car here. Police asking for drivers to put tags of their contacts on their car, family advising to avoid this or that area.

It is important to note that above all this life goes on, like it went during the civil war but then you knew your enemy, you knew its a war. The situation is that Lebanon dangerous due that political parties in Lebanon Ā are now involved in the Syrian crisis. Our both neighbors are nothing then trouble. Human values are non-existent for the Syrian regime and in the name of the god they both worship they are causing havoc to my homeland.

The Syrian refugee crisis has taken a toll on the economy, the country resources cannot hold another million person. Food prices are high, a minority of Lebanese elite are living well as always but the Middle class is suffering badly. The main issues that are making refugees life hell is that Lebanon does not recognize the presence of these refugees in fear that they remain due to historical facts like the Palestinian refugees that remain in the country for decades now.

The Syrian refugees are paying the price, they are really living in miserable conditions in camps on rented land from land owners with support from UNICEF and local NGO’s but the longer the crisis continue the longer the Lebanese will become hostile to the refugees.
I feel that writing this might seem very gloomy and depressive, but the reality is Beirut didn’t feel the same. I shopped, i ate myself full, i enjoyed a great weather but Beirut does not feel back to life or alive as it used to be.

Helsinki on the other hand never change, extremely quiet and awaiting summer to get its people out of their hibernation back to their parks and summer festivals and back to life. I somehow wonder if we really live only 3 month(almost) a year here.

Visiting Lebanon, makes you feel hopeless that how much you tweet and try to advocate for a better nation in your homeland, your voice reaches nowhere. The hungry for power war lords are still in power, their sons and daughters are in power. Small changes are occurring but i wonder will we ever reach a stability/economical growth/solutions in our generation?

Hate seems to rule and the poor and the weak pays for the arrogance of the war lords. Lebanese are not united, they are born with the disease of religion in their blood to difference them from others. They believe that your religion, your sect is above your Lebanese nationality. I always said i wish Lebanese had 10% of the nationalism of the Finns, we would be in peace and prosperous.

When you visit the cedars land, your heart ache when you notice how much ignored is this crisis from where you come. In Finland, the issue of 1.2 million refugees is out of the Finnish media and barely mentioned in the society, we even debating as Finns if we take another 500 refugees in here. It’s a sign we are growing as humanity more selfish less caring of whats happening in the world. We think we are alone but we are not isolate, with social media with travel growing, with Europe, Finland is not alone as the countryside of Europe. We get affected by any event happening. Finland needs to be more present on the international scale, advocate for more peace, for more humanity and for more diplomacy.

I wanted to share a video to remind the Finns of a reality released by save the children UK :

“Just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.”

Here are some pics from the refugee camps in Lebanon, Heartbreaking that they had no right to build homes, or basic food and were being used honestly in slavery in a way, there was lots of news of child labor told to us. We fight daily against our life stresses by living our #firstworldproblems while they are fighting for their life, for basic food and for water.

Syrian Refugee Camp in Zahle

Syrian Refugee Camp in Zahle

Zahle Camp of Syrian Refugees

Zahle Camps of Syrian Refugees.

A School for Syrian Kids.

A School for Syrian Kids run by UNICEF

Some Facebook pages working with Syrian Refugees in Lebanon if you are interested to follow or offer support:


Public Transport Etiquette!

So far living in Helsinki never required me to buy a car or even get a driving license.

I have lived always in a near to the center area reachable by public transport but public transport even amazing as it is in Helsinki has its plus and minuses.

The lovely service that Helsinki city offers is amazing compared to a country like Lebanon where each one own a car and such basic service as public transport is non-existant!

Helsinki public transport though has a curse and it is the behavior of people sometimes in it’s tram’s! Now, no i am not talking about the screaming drunken guy in the back. I have no issue with that he is part of the “city” but i have an issue with you sir or madam taking two seats or more and not moving for an elderly person or for many other reasons listed below.

So here comes anyhow the public transport bible people :

1- Wait for others to exit before going in and leave space by standing on the side of the doors.

2- Have manners and stand up for older people and give them ur seat.

3- Kindly and i beg you do not stand on the door, please go in take a seat and sit down, relax and chill! Leave kindly the area near the door free for people to move in and out! We are all living like you by the minute!

4- If you think that not buying a ticket will save u those 3 euros then you are so wrong, pay the damn ticket! I hate it as much as you do but until Helsinki offers public transport free like Tallinn you and i got to pay because i dont want to see humiliated by the blue people.

5- When you are in a tram it is not a shame to speak to a stranger or have a conversation. We do take the same ride same time each day for years so you can say Hello sometimes. It is not weired at least in my opinion.

6- Please if you would like to just stand in the metro stairs then do it on the right, leave the left side open for the ones like me that want to run up and down to loose weight šŸ˜‰

That is most of it folks, easy! Will update this again when less angry šŸ˜‰
Meanwhile, an image can tell a million word…


Where is really Home?

The basic reference of the word home comes as follows.
/hoŹŠm/noun, adjective, adverb, verb, homed, homā‹…ing
1. a house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household.
2. the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered.
3. any place of residence or refuge: a heavenly home.
4. a person’s native place or own country.

I have been for the last 7 years now in this northern part of the planet trying to figure out really what is home. Is it really true that when you are an immigrant to a new country, it’s like you are reborn. Is it true that you do the baby steps again, you build yourself, you integrate, you learn? Ā But does that make where you are now, your home?

As hard as it was to learn how to adapt, work, communicate in a new culture. Finland became my home! Every aspect of its society affect me, from its politics, to the little things of everyday life, even to the way i think. I have become “Finlandized”

When i came to Helsinki, i fell in love with the peace, with the system, the mentality of the Finns, their appreciation of everything given to them, their modesty, and the real democracy and freedom. This freedom and democracy is something people in the Arab world seems to be eager to have now, the youth of the Arab world are revolting to be able to live free, have jobs, a good life, standards, infrastructure, development and “democracy”.

But democracy cannot sadly be given in matters of days or even months, as i see after my experience here in Scandinavia, it is given by the way people Ā are raised, people learn to live Ā it, learn to be free, they learn to be given these rights. Our choices are ours, we are responsible of our actions. Ā The way you behaveĀ to respect Ā other humans even if different from you is the real democracy, the way you live is the real democracy.

Responsible for our actions is something that the Finns take seriously, they stand up to their country. I always say that the nationalism in Finland is not a curse, i wish my real home country was as nationalistic as we are here or patriotic and not divided over religion, over foreign interests or assets.

It is not the flag put on every building, it is not the love to “Lihapulla” or “Makkara” or the love to the “Suomi T-Paita” that makes Finns nationalistic really in my opinion, it is the way they are proud of their country, or the way they are proud of what they have built from the welfare state to the way how they Ā handle any breach of their air space or to the way they respect the value of a citizen. You can feel safe in Finland.

Many might say i amĀ wrong, but i appreciate the love people have to their nation even though it is changing and maybe not toward the best. But well Home is a place where you are valued as a human, where you are treated with respect, where you are not scared from the police like the case in most of theĀ ArabĀ world. Home is the place where you can say to a certain extent what comes to your mind without fearing to lose your job or get in trouble. Yes! I know it is not the paradise, Finns still tend not to like beingĀ criticizedĀ and it is one of theirĀ weakness but the reality I feel home here and i am blessed to feel so.Ā Domi ego sum!

Time fly and Beirut!

Time fly and lots happened recently. Mostly, i went on a visit to Chaos land aka Lebanon and had an amazing 10 days visit to my parents/family and took hell of pictures as also managed to get myself some sun.

Sun is the only thing we worship here in Scandinavia. People belong to church but their only believe in my opinion is the sun as it is a rare privilege after the long months of winter!

Lebanon is a surprising place, full of controversy of diversity and becoming an expensive destination. All the life standards we take for granted in Scandinavia are extremely expensive in Lebanon but well the food is amazing and just taste ( an issue i have with Finnish supermarkets where fruits and food items are never fresh and tasty ) , Lebanese choose to live in ignorance of their daily problems, the country is full basically of Syrian refugees due to the sad crisis in there.

Beirut itself is striving … life goes on, coffee shops restaurants, design outlets, stores, luxurious stores, fancy cars ( too fancy for my taste, in a small country with small roads there is really no need to have tons of jeeps.) Ā Also, horrible the lack of public transport. Basically, Lebanon is a no go without a car and if you drive there you must be insane!

I leave you some photos from my trip and more blogs to come about Finland’s amazingly warm summer, except the few rainy days šŸ™‚

Flowers in RechmayaOlive tree in BeirutBeirut DTRechmaya MountainBeach St.Georges in Beirut!View from Le Gray.Ā The pigeon rocks.

A tale of a winter!

In Finland, change happens. Ā Change of seasons, and it isĀ noticeable. Winter turn to spring, and you can feel it and taste it. Winter was rather harsh the last 2 years compared to years before.

But since i mentioned winter, i wanted to write about how do we survive it here. These little tips, come from the little i have learned when dealing with the great cold of the north.

Winter tips that i have learned that i would like to share :

  • Watch out from black ice that forms and the eye cannot see.
  • Walk using the top of your toes when you are walking on ice.
  • Do not try the trick of sticking your tongue to any metals šŸ™‚
  • Use layers of clothe, they are the only ones to keep you warm.
  • Cognac and vodka or Jaloviina are your friends!
  • Wool is your best type of clothe.Ā 
  • Listen to theĀ adviceĀ of your spouse if they are Finns, they know better!
  • Finnish men do not like wearing a hat, butĀ don’tĀ be Finn on that one. A hat will save you.Ā 
  • Do not think of Fashion, or how to look cool! cool and fashionable are not in Finnish dictionary during the dark winter month.
  • Buy a UV light, dark days can be devastating to you.
  • Appreciate your winter holiday’s and head to Ā a sunny destination.
  • Sports are huge part of winter, you can find all kind of winter sports here.
  • Use your camera to take these amazing nature pics, because it tend to get beautiful!

That is most of the advices i have, coming at this time when winter is on its end and spring is coming toward Finland, at least i wish šŸ™‚

Talking about spring here are few pics i took from Helsinki & Finland during this winter! P.s if you ever plan to visit Finland, you should come twice, during theĀ darkness and during the light seasons.

The Hours

” Happy Birthday me!” 1 year older and a 100 wiser, is a popular proverb from back home.

It has been again a while, but thanks for a week of holiday’s or well sickness in bed that I managed to come back here.

I have so much to write about, and really don’t know where to start but well I will let the words fall one after the other.

There has been so many events lately happening in where I come from and where I am today, Finland lack no action as some of you might think! There has been elections, a strong win for the True Finns party and awesome celebration’s after with the golden win in the ice hockey championship, Finland defeated Sweden 6-1 in that game and that my Helsinki became a mini Beirut, I actually did hear enough car horns on those 2 days of festivities to compensate on the 4 years of silence!

The events in the middle east lately, Lebanon and Syria fill a lot of my free time, watching all kind of media sources and following up but comparing my new home to my ex-home is Ā taking Ā a toll when I mostly check the Lebanese media, Finland is a fair place even if I sometimes fear what the future hides us here with the win of the True Finns and the rise of the extreme right-wing . I admired this nation since I came back in 2006 for things that differs it from the corrupted, sickening Middle East.

I Ā see though beautiful things that makes me grateful, like the excellent medical system that showed its care to me this week.

But let’s, go back to the hottest zone on earth, the land of the Arab spring. Is this spring still kicking? It seems many believe that it is fading. I see that it will fade but will rise again, the people want change but what is this change.
Coming from that region, I have enough knowledge of the people and their ways. This might not be fair, but I believe that hunting down the leaders will not make much effect, democracy and I mean the one I enjoy daily is taught, it comes from learning and understanding and respecting the values of humans, animals, ourselves. something we lack!

I see lots of young Arab youth on Twitter, Facebook revolting but the dreams they aim for need one thing they forget: A system of education and time and hours. nothing changes in one day, there will be chaos then perfection, it is the way life works.

These freedoms and democracies comes from rising above selfishness and working hard to build a sustainable system for all, equal citizens. But well, that spring is still very young and we will live to see its future. Meanwhile,I wish that the western societies become more supportive to those young groups forming there, the Arab spring youth of Egypt, of Lebanon, and sadly the youth of Syria are dying fighting for a better future without tyranny. Europe and the west, should do more.

While all this uncovers, and the future becomes clear I keep counting the hours and days I spend Ā comparing this world to that world.

Will write again soon, meanwhile I enjoy the peace and stability wishing that one day,the youth of my home country will taste the beauty of this real democracy!

A year of change, a year since that winter!

Wow! What a year it has been since my last post here.

You might think that this blog is dead! Well, you are wrong. big time wrong.

The Finnish experience is on and on and that winter in my last post is way gone, but hell the current winter isn’t going anywhere. A bit of spring shows today though in Helsinki.
A year has passed and i have been busy with life, integrating, adapting, cooking, going on holiday’s, dreaming of how a democratic Middle east will look. Dictators have fallen, others have risen, majorities became minorities, disasters that shatter the heart have taken place in great nations. and even a nuclear fear populated by the world media that sparked the Finns to empty the pharmacies of Jodi Tablets.
But my Finland, is the same except of course Timo Soini is a powerful leader with 17.2 % of the voters wanting him to lead them to the new Finland, the nation of perfection.

Anyhow, before going into politics, I could talk a bit about how did Finland change in my eyes in the last year, last summer was extremely hot, the fans ran out from the stores, the Finns were sun worshipers again, nobody stayed indoors, the terraces were full of the happy Finns, but then …

Came winter again, a harsh one with -0C and much below for more then a 100 day, skins have dried, hearts have shaken, minds gone nuts, but all what i did was work. Working at night in Finland is scary for a lebanese soul sometimes.

In Lebanon, we are hyper, active, too sociable, and imagine the peace of the night of Helsinki, tasks are there to be done but the night is quiet, really quiet. sometimes at least!

But this year also, has been full of surprises, of hours spent watching Aljazeera, watching a new world being born, a new middle east, Tunis and Egypt got rid of their pain in the ass aka dictators, these brave nations youth showed that they are too eager for democracy, for change. Hoping few others will follow.

But what they forgot, that the democracy has taken the west years and decades to be learned, it is not something that you get after toppling a dictator in a matter of weeks, this is gonna be a long process and eduction will play a huge role in it. The future will show us great success in the region if the youth of these nations take control and know how to go from here.

As for the disasters of this year, the upcoming Finnish elections will be one heck of a disaster with the True Finns leading. It seems that the trend of blaming the minorities for the problems of the majorities, has become a habit in the Finnish society, leader like Soini tend to fool the people into following them promising them a better Finland (without modern art???!!! ).

What is wrong with today’s Finland ? That answer i keep it for my next long post. And i promise it will be before the upcoming heated elections.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for my following post dedicated to the brave nation of Japan.