A Havenish Summer!

Let’s face it, i am not truly a blogger anymore.

Sounds like the real world and including that Facebook took over every drop of my time in the recent month, not to mention my new working place.

Summer 2009, was and is still full of surprises though while am writing this note now, it is raining in our beloved Helsinki.

Since June 1st, i started working in a new place on night shift basis, which means i live totally the contrary of how people do, I take the metro on the way down while the people take the stairs on the way up.

The benefit of such a choice, would be working for few nights then having long holiday’s that could last for few days on a row, where in the last weeks i had the chance to visit Vimpeli, where Maiku’s parents live.

The lush green of the summer and the lake was truly peaceful as an exit from the city’s busy life (as if Helsinki tends to be busy, i guess its the most quiet city in the world, not to mention the 5th best place to live), We had a traditional sauna experience and the cats enjoyed fooling around and going away for hours and coming back for diner.

The best part of Vimpeli, is the popular famous addictive Baseball, where all the village come to the stadium to watch the games, imagine a village of 3000 and the only thing they do is superpesis as they call it, this side of Finland is something. I usually think of Finns as quiet,shy and nice but the devil come’s out when a game start, it is even to die for . On one of the game, a lovely fan  had a heart attack and even sadly died on site!

The events of the summer, including a train trip back with 2 crazy cats, nagging about how did we even take them back in train and not a limo. Pinja our beloved elder cat spend hours moaning and making horrible sounds!

A Dangerous Havenish Summer it was! Now that it is over, i look at the storm aka winter getting ready to hit us with it’s magic.

Regards from the cold north again!

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