Unemployed, in the cold north!

Maybe it is not that bad that i became unemployed last weekend! now, i can concentrate on writing here 🙂 I think so! It never paid to run a blog, at least in our case but who knows.

The second option would be to stand in front of the Finnish parliament with a sign saying give me a job! I don’t think it works either, The robots land tend to be as harsh as it can. Unfortunately, I cannot complain and say i am alone in this case. me and many others are in the shit trouble of the unemployment, since the Wall street boys have decided to ruin the world.

Unemployment in Finland stand at above 10 % now, the situation cannot get worse, or maybe this is just the start. Finns and immigrants are suffering, I wish I can say I am not being hired now because of my little language barriers or my foreign background, alas i can’t! Finns too sit home and wait for the mercy of the system.

Anyhow, lets not be too dramatic. I have had an excellent summer here in Helsinki, was all Havenish. It was too true to last though … but i was lucky to get the chance to do what i like again. Nobody knows! what chances that experience could open. I can’t ignore that i enjoy doing any work in the customer service field! Socializing with people I guess comes from the Lebanese blood, we are sociable, happy, clownish, and as i have heard, all what we do in Beirut is dance and party to our graves. That’s our reputation!

Back to Helsinki, the weather is getting gloomy. I have lots to re catch, maybe a small holiday, definitely cheap one and hitch-hiking will be involved for sure. but it will be a change, i cannot see here sending CV’s and waiting for the mercy of someone to open his inbox and reply to me. it’s not going to happen between a day and an other!

Finland, has been a good country. a Fair one, so far! what pisses me the most in our safe Haven, is the fact that we feel too safe sometimes and we forgot the reality of the harsh world. I always had a title for a book about Finland **Instability inside of the Bubble** It feels here sometimes so good, so like life standards are awesome, and we have a good system, but we can’t ever be sure. ever, of what tomorrow hides!

Now, lets get over with the Drama. I am unemployed, and this gives me a chance to write, explore the world and nag! nagging a part of the Finnish culture i have learned to abuse 🙂

Cheers from dark,cloudy,Helsinki!

One thought on “Unemployed, in the cold north!

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