Time fly and Beirut!

Time fly and lots happened recently. Mostly, i went on a visit to Chaos land aka Lebanon and had an amazing 10 days visit to my parents/family and took hell of pictures as also managed to get myself some sun.

Sun is the only thing we worship here in Scandinavia. People belong to church but their only believe in my opinion is the sun as it is a rare privilege after the long months of winter!

Lebanon is a surprising place, full of controversy of diversity and becoming an expensive destination. All the life standards we take for granted in Scandinavia are extremely expensive in Lebanon but well the food is amazing and just taste ( an issue i have with Finnish supermarkets where fruits and food items are never fresh and tasty ) , Lebanese choose to live in ignorance of their daily problems, the country is full basically of Syrian refugees due to the sad crisis in there.

Beirut itself is striving … life goes on, coffee shops restaurants, design outlets, stores, luxurious stores, fancy cars ( too fancy for my taste, in a small country with small roads there is really no need to have tons of jeeps.)  Also, horrible the lack of public transport. Basically, Lebanon is a no go without a car and if you drive there you must be insane!

I leave you some photos from my trip and more blogs to come about Finland’s amazingly warm summer, except the few rainy days 🙂

Flowers in RechmayaOlive tree in BeirutBeirut DTRechmaya MountainBeach St.Georges in Beirut!View from Le Gray. The pigeon rocks.

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