It’s the season of lights!

We all hate the darkness of winter…

November is what we call the month of living in “mordor” in Finland. As it comes to the UK, November is less harsh, days are fair and full of light, you notice it doesn’t affect you so much.

Well i won’t bore you with the traditional Finnish complaining of the weather, my post is about London and we all know it has it all. Many of us living here agree and the Christmas season is no exception to see wonderful things. It is a time to find mind blowing experiences in the city… Like Christmas at Kew Gardens!

Kew Gardens or the Royal Botanic Gardens offer an enjoyable experience during Christmas time (and spring time when all is blooming).

A Trail of walking in the gardens for over a mile with light installations and a lot of mulled wine is set for Christmas:) oh yea when its that cold, like last 2 days of temperatures plunging to 1-2 C the Mulled wine a spice mix with red wine comes at a hand.

You walk through the gardens discovering real beauty of light, light installations that are a feast for your eyes. I was amazed! Well done Kew ❤️

I let the photos speak … including this super cool photo of me in the tunnel of light



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