Madeira: A very lush beauty.

It has been a while again, i am so bad at this blogging but then you know working in shifts and London life doesn’t give you so much time!

But well a week escape again, and this time a destination that never been before: Portugal and exactly Madeira.

I haven’t been to Portugal even though i have visited so many European countries but Madeira, this place was expected to be a magical place of hills, mountains and of natural beauty and it didn’t disappoint.

The weather now there wasn’t that warm as i expected with an average of 15-17C, but aren’t we horrible when we have illogical expectations, we only fail ourselves. Still it was really a great experience.

We arrived to Funchal flying with BA, the flight took 4 hours from London and it was a smooth journey above the Atlantic. We booked a lovely AirBnb and it didn’t fail us. Nice balcony with a view to the ocean.

Funchal seemed to be sunny always while the mountains always rainy and cloudy. but the views, driving the island for a week you can go to beautiful heights and see scary roads!

Madeira is a walking destination, lots of Levada walks that i had the pleasure to enjoy.

Must really recommend this beautiful island, also you do get the chance to party there, check out JAM for Saturday night after party.

Here is a few photos that i find mind blowing. ( check the captions for info )

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