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A tale of a winter!

In Finland, change happens.  Change of seasons, and it is noticeable. Winter turn to spring, and you can feel it and taste it. Winter was rather harsh the last 2 years compared to years before.

But since i mentioned winter, i wanted to write about how do we survive it here. These little tips, come from the little i have learned when dealing with the great cold of the north.

Winter tips that i have learned that i would like to share :

  • Watch out from black ice that forms and the eye cannot see.
  • Walk using the top of your toes when you are walking on ice.
  • Do not try the trick of sticking your tongue to any metals 🙂
  • Use layers of clothe, they are the only ones to keep you warm.
  • Cognac and vodka or Jaloviina are your friends!
  • Wool is your best type of clothe. 
  • Listen to the advice of your spouse if they are Finns, they know better!
  • Finnish men do not like wearing a hat, but don’t be Finn on that one. A hat will save you. 
  • Do not think of Fashion, or how to look cool! cool and fashionable are not in Finnish dictionary during the dark winter month.
  • Buy a UV light, dark days can be devastating to you.
  • Appreciate your winter holiday’s and head to  a sunny destination.
  • Sports are huge part of winter, you can find all kind of winter sports here.
  • Use your camera to take these amazing nature pics, because it tend to get beautiful!

That is most of the advices i have, coming at this time when winter is on its end and spring is coming toward Finland, at least i wish 🙂

Talking about spring here are few pics i took from Helsinki & Finland during this winter! P.s if you ever plan to visit Finland, you should come twice, during the darkness and during the light seasons.

Like a fairytale winter

Again, after a long period of inactivity due to the human laziness and life! I came back…

In my last post, I was mentioning a wish, my wish was to get a real winter and god what have i asked for! I ended up getting the full package, a winter that i have never seen here in Finland! A winter that amazed me with its beauty and froze my heart and soul with its cold but it was all white and glittery and it still goes on.

We had a season of Joy and wonderful Holiday in Vimpeli, where my parents in law live and it’s just so spacious and huge and all frozen, from the lake to the roads and fields. it was a unique Christmas, all white full of great time of relaxation after a busy month at work. Then came the new year and it’s festivities in Helsinki, The traditional fireworks overlooking the city from the rock. Finland keeps impressing me more and more, It would be great to share more with you about my great experiences here so far, and specially not blogging daily!

The winter came fast, it hit us hard with -25C in Helsinki for some days and snow covering the streets and the cars all over. But then came the sunshine and the green warm weather of Beirut, I left after the New Year to visit my parents and family in Lebanon where i spent a week of great time and memories! It was so fun to go back and picture the city of Beirut in a  different way, to notice the things i miss there and to appreciate the good life standards we have here, the social system and the good benefits of a hard-working society. I  was still impressed with the good weather which was not a winter as i expected Lebanon to be at this period of the year. It was a simple spring!

Coming back to here, i met the first time in my life the Winter Wonderland, the fairytale place on earth.

In this fairytale place, you will see the trees all white, the city all white, the trams all white and frosty. It was something really to share. I let these pictures below taken by Maiku talk …

Winter Wonderland!


I will try to share more blog posts from Lebanon and Finland soon! Stay tuned …

I want that Helsinki back!

When i arrived to Finland in 2006,and in the period before getting here, when i was hanging out with the few Finns i knew back then , the first conversation and question that was asked to me was:”Will you handle the cold?”.

Today, i wonder if these Finns were talking of a fantasy land. Finland is not cold, not for these 3 years i have been here. Finns used to tell me, you need double pants, its -20C at least and so on and lots of snow which was exciting for me coming from a warm country but …

That weather bearely showed itself to me, i remember seing -20C for 7 days in my second year and it was an achievemnt, i remember the freezing cables of the tram, the clear view of everything.

An article in YLE made me think of this post.

When now, Finns speak to me i feel some sadness in their eyes, it’s like they miss that snow, cold degrees and freezing cold and i understand it. my heart ake for the snow, i think most of my readers from Middle east will not understand why somebody would like cold so much. Imagine living in Saudi arabia without sand or desert!

The fact is that Finnish nature is at it’s glory in winter, can’t ignore that, this country’s soul is it’s winter and the Finns are so proud of surviving it’s long period and still excelling in having services and a society enduring all the hard winters in history, like the one of 1987 where the coldest was -34C. not to mention how proud they are of the “Talvisota” or winter war that they celebrate it’s 70 anniversary this month.

I look today outside, it’s +8, a Christmas without snow, seems like possible this year again for 2 years on a row. When i came here, i had in mind the image of a morning christmas looking from a window like a child visiting santa’s land to the snow but i have never seen it so far!

The global warming has hit us, and it hit us hard.

For a country, leading in recycling and enviromental care, even there is still lots to do here but there is a will and comitement from the Finns to save the globe it’s an unfair thing that their winter, beautiful winter has been stolen.

Yes! Our Finnish winter has been stolen by the global warming. we have barely snow in January an now we live in a Britain-like until then!

Finland lives as a dark country for arround 6-8 month a year, but it had light always by the whiteness on the ground and by the northen lights of the sky. now, it’s simply gray!

So, i take this post to ask you to spread global awarness and support the effort being done in Copenhagen to stop the global warming and give me then the Finland of my dreams, the Finland that they told me about, the cold, the snow, the freeze, the ice and the nature! I look, for the day that my wife will wake up look from the window and tell me: “honey! this is the winter i told you about.”

Sasi, with swine flu edition!

P.s: Marika just told me how to put snow falling on my blog 🙂 Kiitos Maiku!